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Agent and an Angel
It was a pleasant spring morning in Cumberland County.  Vincent would have been in detention  with his brother due to their little  prank on the principal. (involving two cartons of eggs, syrup and some feathers from a pillow....Mr. Vaulkner wasn't too happy.)  Lucas took full responsibility for it, though he made sure that Vincent owe him one. Vinnie didn't mind however.
"Brother's honor." The brunette would nod giving a boyscout-espue salute.
School had gotten out early so Vincent decided to spend the rest the day hanging out with his friends. He rounded the street corner  going down the street that passed by the cemetery.  
Vincent looked at the place as he walked by it, wondering if any of those buried were examined by his adoptive mother. That's when he saw a familiar face.
It was Ian Holden.
Vincent was never a fan of Holden. He seemed mean, rude, a jerk to his idol claiming it was his job.
However something was different about the agent. He seem som
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Puppies by Shiny-Raichu95 Puppies :iconshiny-raichu95:Shiny-Raichu95 7 92 Pet me? by Shiny-Raichu95 Pet me? :iconshiny-raichu95:Shiny-Raichu95 7 14
Dino Stiles
"More tea Mrs. V?" Lila Stiles asked her toy Velociraptor pouring imaginary tea for the toy dinosaur.
Lila was a rather unique girl. Where girls wanted a barbie doll or My Little Ponies, she wanted a fossil digging set. Everything dinosaur was in her room, of course beside a tea set. Heck, she even named the cat after a dino.
She carried out conversations with the toys...till she saw the cat in the room. "Mossie!" she called to the tabby.
It  padded over, meowing in response. She bent over best she could to pick her up. "How's my Mosasaur?" The brunette scratched the back of her ear, Mosasaur purring in content.
She head a creak in the dear, her elder brother Elijah popping his head in. "Your cat peeded on my martial art stuff again."
"Sorry bro. She won't do it again. Right?" The girl held up the cat, who did the classic 'Sad kitty eyes'.
Elijah sweatdropped. "That's what you said to Elicia when the car scratched her painting. says dinner's ready. Need any help?" He a
:iconshiny-raichu95:Shiny-Raichu95 2 40
Wild Tadpoles Appeared by Shiny-Raichu95 Wild Tadpoles Appeared :iconshiny-raichu95:Shiny-Raichu95 2 12
Brother my Brother- Prologue.
The young man stood in front of the hospital, forehead beaded with sweat from both the heat and nervousness.
"This is's really it..." he murmered in awe. His path to becoming a doctor began in those very doors.
He shut his blue eyes in thought.  "I can do this...I can." he murmured. He looked up at the sky.
"madre .... padre ... ¿estaría orgulloso de mí ..?" The brunette asked in his native language. He smiled at the thought, almost sheding a tear.
"Especially you...little brother...where ever you are..."
The blaring of an ambulance siren brought him back to reality. He took a breath.
"Well you go.." He assured himself walking into the hospital.
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The little stray. by Shiny-Raichu95 The little stray. :iconshiny-raichu95:Shiny-Raichu95 2 40 More Zelda. by Shiny-Raichu95 More Zelda. :iconshiny-raichu95:Shiny-Raichu95 5 24
Little explorer
Soren Acosta was a boy of adventure. He dreamed of going to places like Russia, China, Japan, and much more. He dreamed to see the Pyramids of Giza, the Leaning Tower of Piza, many wonderful sights.  He climbed a mount of sand he made in his sandbox.
"Soren Acosta, expert explorer and mountaineer, sucessfully climbed Mount Everest!" he planted a little flag on the heap.  Sure he was only ten years old, but thanks to his mothers textbooks, he knew many of the places out there. Places of suspected urban legend and treasure? He wanted to see it all.
Having a mom as a teacher was awesome, he would brag to the other kids at school. And the purple eyed boy would talk and blabble on about things like Stone Henge, the supposedly haunted Himuro Mansion outside of Tokyo, Japan, and other things. Some kids would leave bored, others stayed out of curiosity.
The platinium blonde boy grinned as he sat down by his swing set. "Hmm...where now..." he eyed his swingset getting an idea.....
:iconshiny-raichu95:Shiny-Raichu95 0 8
The Century of The Horses by Shiny-Raichu95 The Century of The Horses :iconshiny-raichu95:Shiny-Raichu95 0 0 The Last Fourteen Seconds of Sorrow by Shiny-Raichu95 The Last Fourteen Seconds of Sorrow :iconshiny-raichu95:Shiny-Raichu95 1 4
My identity. My true self. My utopia. It's shrouded, like the moon behind clouds, iris with cataracts, road in the foggy night.
If I show little to no emotion, does that label me with Schizoid Personality Disorder?
No interest in love or sex, does that make me an asexual?
The government my country has is flawed and needs rebuild, does it label me an anarchist?
I daydream and can't focus, ADD?
What do people label me? What do they see in the girl in the shadow reading a book? What should they say? Should they just ignore her and move on to their little day, carrying on in their little activities? What is me? Who am I? What am I? Recluse? Dreamer? Loner? What is it I am? what is it I seek?
Maybe I will find me. The me that is true. The diamond in the rough. Maybe she'll find other diamonds too. To be her friends, join her side, try to make the world a better one.
Maybe the ID isn't in a tag, or a name, or anything. Maybe we just need to dream. Dream about what makes us, us.
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It's stormy out.
Thunder roared outside the boys window making him whimper and cover his ears. He hated the thunder since he was little and still does even as a eight year old.  Gabriel got up from his bed deciding to seek assistance from the lonely night. He passed his sister Melinda's room. He would of asked her if he could sleep with her, but she tossed and turned most nights...not really in his comfort zone. The blondie hurried to his elder brothers door...and heard his snoring.
"Oi vay..." he sighed heading to the kitchen to fetch a drink. He used a stool to help him up to the sink grabbing a plastic cup filling it with water. He looked to the oven clock. 12:45 a.m. it read.  He was about to drink up but as soon as he had th cup to his lips thunder rumbled like an explosion.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!" he screamed dropping the cup diving under the table. The kitchen light was turned on, someone walking in. Gabriel peered out from under it. "Momma...?"
Kailey Wilson looked down then kneeled to
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Then she ran away.. by Shiny-Raichu95 Then she ran away.. :iconshiny-raichu95:Shiny-Raichu95 2 20 Navi being...Navi by Shiny-Raichu95 Navi being...Navi :iconshiny-raichu95:Shiny-Raichu95 5 15 Little poser by Shiny-Raichu95 Little poser :iconshiny-raichu95:Shiny-Raichu95 1 0


Strangely Scientific page 26 by Aileen-Rose Strangely Scientific page 26 :iconaileen-rose:Aileen-Rose 17 3 BATIM: Dapper Devil by Aileen-Rose BATIM: Dapper Devil :iconaileen-rose:Aileen-Rose 85 8 Muse Plush - Jak and Daxter by SuperKawaiiStudios Muse Plush - Jak and Daxter :iconsuperkawaiistudios:SuperKawaiiStudios 110 52 E.O.A.R - Page 175 by PaintedSerenity E.O.A.R - Page 175 :iconpaintedserenity:PaintedSerenity 955 367
Life Update AGAIN

This was the thing! Surprise!! I’m a college dropout who just started working at Disney Television Animation on a new show :D Probably won’t be updating here as much here since I’ll be hard at work making cartoons
waaah this is a dream come true and I’m SO EXCITED 
:iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 218 308
WBS 1-16 by Zee-Stitch WBS 1-16 :iconzee-stitch:Zee-Stitch 35 12 WBS 1-15 by Zee-Stitch WBS 1-15 :iconzee-stitch:Zee-Stitch 32 12 ShadowClan vs ThunderClan Medicine Cats by Silverzoul ShadowClan vs ThunderClan Medicine Cats :iconsilverzoul:Silverzoul 111 23 More Kitties by Zee-Stitch More Kitties :iconzee-stitch:Zee-Stitch 35 5 E.O.A.R - Page 173 by PaintedSerenity E.O.A.R - Page 173 :iconpaintedserenity:PaintedSerenity 906 167 F r i e n d s h i p by GoldenDragonART F r i e n d s h i p :icongoldendragonart:GoldenDragonART 459 16 Matatabi - Nibi - by Epistafy Matatabi - Nibi - :iconepistafy:Epistafy 472 22 -safe- by AnnMY -safe- :iconannmy:AnnMY 463 84 WBS 1-14 by Zee-Stitch WBS 1-14 :iconzee-stitch:Zee-Stitch 40 6 E.O.A.R - Page 172 by PaintedSerenity E.O.A.R - Page 172 :iconpaintedserenity:PaintedSerenity 1,317 317 WBS 1-13 by Zee-Stitch WBS 1-13 :iconzee-stitch:Zee-Stitch 34 18



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